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Winner of International Festivals & Events Association 2013, 2012 and 2011 Gold Award and 2010 Bronze Award for Best Festival Environmental Program and Southeast Festivals & Events Association 2013 Gold Award for Best Green Component and 2015 Bronze Award for Best Event Within an Event.

Head to the Eco-Village to learn about the latest and greatest in eco-friendly living!

Each year, the festival hosts an award-winning Green Festival Initiative in partnership with Live Thrive Atlanta. Throughout our entire footprint, we focus on sustainable operations like requiring food vendors to use only recyclable and compostable serving ware and the use of bio-diesel and/or bio-fuel for all generators at the event. Since the inception of the Green Festival Initiative, we’ve been able to divert nearly a ton of trans from landfills and has educated hundreds of thousands of attendees about how to take home eco-friendly practices and make them part of daily life.

In Partnership with

Live Thrive Atlanta

Highlights from 2017 include:

  • The Market Place: The Market Place is filled with sustainable vendors who explain why their products were created and demonstrate how they work.

  • Live Thrive Atlanta: Founder of CHaRM, the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, the nonprofit sustainability organization Live Thrive Atlanta will explain how to properly dispose of that hard to handle waste that doesn’t fit into any of the boxes at your curb. At the CHaRM center, opened in spring of 2015, Atlantans can bring in these types of waste to be reused and recycled!

  • City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability: Representatives from the city’s Office of Sustainability will share information on the current initiatives addressing composting, water and energy conservation, all things recycling, and much more!

  • Furniture Bank: Veterans make gorgeous new benches from discarded headboards.

  • AWARE: The Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort hosts a meet and greet with some if its favorite rescued pals.

  • Tiny House Atlanta: Step inside a real tiny house and get a glimpse of what micro-living is all about!

  • Re:Loom: This amazing team of weavers produce handmade products from donated fabric and old clothing.

  • Mike Snowden: Snowden will be onsite throughout the weekend entertaining attendees with his cigar box guitar.

Eco-Village Photos

Dogwood SaplingsEco DepotEco Gamer
Eco GeneratorEco Kid GamerEco Learning
Eco RainwaterStationsTextiles
RecyclingEco-Village SignVolunteers


Since 2010, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival has sponsored an award-winning Green Event Initiative Program. It was started in cooperation with Rebekah Jones of TRRU Productions, and the US Green Building Council, Georgia Chapter.  In subsequent years the festival has partnered with Live Thrive to continue its sustainable program.  Activities include using compostable utensils, recycling cooking oil and onsite assistance with recycling by the Girl Scouts of America. The festival has created our Eco-Village with exhibitors providing everything from helpful products to keep a home more energy efficient to showing children how to plant herb gardens.

The Live Thrive and Atlanta Dogwood Festival partnership is setting a new standard for making festivals environmentally friendly and has become an example for other events to follow.

Aspects of the Green Event Initiative include:

  • Requirements for food vendors to sell all food in recyclable and compostable bowls, plates, cups, and utensils.  This commitment avoided sending tons of petroleum-based plastics and/or styrofoam - both of which remain in landfills for hundreds of years - to the Atlanta landfill.

  • Waste Recovery & Recycling Centers throughout the park to collect compostables, recyclables, and landfill waste.  These centers were staffed by the Girl Scouts as part of their “Forever Green Initiative” in order to assist and educate festival-goers on which materials go in which containers and why.  The Girls Scouts Greater Atlanta Council provided volunteer scouts and troop leaders to this effort.  This commitment allowed the Festival to divert solid waste, deliver compost to commercial composting facilities and recycle materials to a recycling company.

  • Use of bio-diesel and/or bio-fuel for all generators. The Atlanta Dogwood Festival has a partnership with a local company that makes bio-diesel from spent restaurant and food vendor grease. Through this partnership, we purchased nearly 800 gallons of bio-diesel for all onsite generators thus powering the entire festival with renewable energy.
  • Since the Atlanta Dogwood Festival is located in Midtown Atlanta and accessible by public transportation. MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) is promoted via all avenues of publicity as the best green option for visitors to get to the festival.

  • Even our Port-o-John vendor is required to use only bio-degradable cleaning products.

  • Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE) operated an onsite wildlife center that offered education to the public concerning environmental stewardship, habitat preservation and restoration and wildlife rehabilitation. It was a major draw for the Eco-Village as people got a close up look at a variety of birds of prey and other animals rescued from severe injuries in the wild.